Radio Silence

To say “it’s been a while” would be an understatement.

After starting a new job, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to become acclimated to all of my surrounding. This includes a new living space, city, work environment, colleagues, etc. The last six months have been a bit overwhelming, to say the least. But, I haven’t forgotten about my creative outlet. Yes, it’s been placed on the back burner, but I have some really exciting things in the works.

One thing I am most excited about is an article I worked on in August will be published in a magazine hopefully soon. If things don’t work out, best believe I will post it on here. Once the magazine hits the stands, I will provide a link to view and purchase.

Be patient with me. I hope all is well to my followers and those who stumble across The Music Notes. I’ll leave you guys with this song. I listened to it yesterday on my home as the sun was setting. I always see things a little more clearly and can breathe easy when I listen to this particular track. Happy listening 🙂